Weekly Check-In Form

Clear communication is an essential part of establishing a great relationship between manager and employee, regardless of level or role.

This tool will help professionals provide solid, regular updates to their manager on what is accomplished week-over-week.

We recommend professionals fill out this form each Friday and share a copy of the responses with their manager, as well as their Ampersand coach. 
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What are the top 3 things you worked on this week?

Share the most important projects you accomplished this week.

Give a timeline, share what key stakeholders (i.e. team members) are involved, and communicate what is still outstanding for each project. 

What are the top 3 things you will work on next week?

What is on your radar for next week?

It's best to communicate your plan in advance so your manager understands what your priorities are, in case they need to be adjusted for any reason. 

Is there any support you need to complete the tasks?

Be upfront on whatever is holding you back. 

How can you expect your manager to know what roadblocks you have, if you do not let them know? Be proactive in what you have done to find the information on your own, but if you're still stuck, ask for help! 

Anything else? 

If you have any goals of things you want to work on, any potential PTO requests, or questions about inter-office culture, use this as an opportunity to get the information that will help you succeed. 

If some one-on-one time together would be useful, make it happen. 

What is an effective Weekly Check In?

Concise & thoughtful

Keep it short, but include enough detail to make each update valuable; your responses should not be the same every week

Specific & measurable

(ex. total number of something, the percentage growth of something, etc.)


Includes information that your manager cares about (if you're unsure, ask!)
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An example of a great Weekly Check In:

"I think it was valuable to the intern to see the progression of each project and how the young professional was learning how to communicate with leadership"
"It was valuable to see how my Intern quantified their responsibilities and help them to re-prioritize when we got off track or something took longer than expected."