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Birkman Assessment & Career Report

Head into summer as a confident and prepared professional thanks to the Birkman Method's personality and career tools customized to YOU.

Benefits of this Offer

This isn't your friend's random free career quiz they sent you. The Birkman Method is the real deal based on real data and actionable insights.

FREE ($600 value)

This package includes an overview course, the Birkman Method assessment, 8 customized reports, and virtual Ampersand support to help interpret your results. Limited time only for the month of May!

8 customized reports

 Ampersand will send you 8 unique reports, based on your assessment results. Reports cover: organizational fit, communication tips, your strengths, how you match with different industries and jobs— and more!

No Pre-requisites

Birkman is a research-based assessment tool that's been around for decades, helping individuals at every stage in their careers gain insight and direction for their career journeys.

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  Birkman Method Personality Assessment
  Career Exploration Report
  1:1 Support

Additional customized reports on:
  How you approach interviews
  Organizational fit
  Your Interests & their effect on work
  Your job search
  Your learning style


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Birkman Introduction

Watch a quick overview of the Birkman Method.
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Birkman in Real Life - Episode 10

Hear about Jorge's experience using Birkman in real life!